Clock 'De La Tour Red' - 34cm

Pairing worn-off appearance and breathtaking design. ‘Clock De La Tour’ is an eye-catching statement piece that instantly heightens one’s favourite aesthetic. ‘De La Tour’ communicates luxury and class. The solid-coloured tone of this product matches any interior style.


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Clocks take the place of the most crucial element in our era, due to its allegorical implications and subliminal message of renewal and eternity. Clock ‘De La Tour’ performs the functional purpose of breathing charm into dull lifeless walls. Its red and white contrasting palette stands out in vintage to classic interior decorations. The clock dial is made from recyclable wood residuals to minimize industrial waste. It is sustainable and environmentally friendly. MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) is the choice material for this clock because of its proximity to absorb plant beautifully. With a gorgeous red paint on the clock dial, black weathered finish needles and noticeably distressed polish, this timepiece is a work-of-art. The superior workmanship of this wall clock cannot be understated.