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Introducing Us

Introducing Us.

“Loving Living”….. this phrase encompasses both the mission of our business & it also reflects our own personal philosophy about life. We absolutely adore waking up every day, for no particular reason most days & we do our best to grab ‘living’ with both hands. 

We are thankful for the little things & live with an attitude of gratitude – first & foremost. 

We strive daily to be ‘content’ & usually am – given the right surroundings. We live by the notion that ‘happiness is an inside job’…. & truly believe that love, serenity & inner peace begins at home, in more ways than one.

As technology would have it, today we are given the amazing opportunity of having our own “market stalls” from the comfort & warmth of our homes. With some hard work, determination & a passion for all things beautiful – We are living our dream, 

“It’s all about LOVIN LIVING”

 Furthermore, as a hard working family we are all too aware of the need to conserve funds and frankly, we can’t afford to pay store retail prices. The more recent inspiration for Va Va Vintage developed as we saw a need to offer people lovely homewares & gifts for great prices & with the least fuss. 

Wherever possible, we make our prices very competitive & well below RRP. 

Lastly, we adore all things “Vintage” however, we also love anything with a “modern” twist. I believe that by combining vintage with all things modern – we can have the best of both world’s. 

I have tried to express this notion in the development & the artistic component of my website – I hope that you enjoy looking at the site as much as I do.

Many thanks & warmest wishes

Enough introducing us, click here to start shopping…

Introducing us