Hanging Votive 'Foil Pink' - Large

Not only is the Hanging Votive Foil Pink Large colourful, but it is also a convenient piece of glassware décor due to the fact that it comes with a convenient hanging design suitable and strong enough to hold this large 17cm glassware in mid-air all day and all night long without the fear of crashing or falling.

Measures 12 x 12 x 13cm


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The glass utilized in the production of this Hanging Votive Foil Pink Large is of top-rated quality. It is thick, durable and features lovely patterns across its exterior. The inner hue is that of sapphire-blue while the exterior is painted in a flashy colour of ruby pink. It is also made of the purest of metal which forms the exquisite designs on the rim of this glassware as well as the pointy, metallic base. It has a 35 centimetres metallic chain for easy suspension and hanging in mid-air.