Votive 'Foil Blue' - Large

Even when not glowing with a warm kind of glow, this foil blue coloured gorgeously patterned 13 cm tall votive is such a charmer! Made from sturdy glass it has a patterned outer body that is covered in a subtle blue colour laced in places with specks of gold adding to its utterly desirable looks. Will glow in shade of golden blue as the evening shadows grow and you light a tealight that will be placed inside its receptacle.

Measures 12.5 x 12.5 x 13.5cm


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Made from sturdy quality glass, this votive is a such a delightful means to help make your table tops or corner sight up with a warm kind of glow. Apart from that, its Moroccan looks, the fact that it bears a deep and interesting shade of blue adds to its most interesting kind of presence. Th specks of gold and the blue colour collude in the most distinct of ways to give an impression of the mid-east once lit, the pattern on the outer body of the votive will be even more visible clearly. The glow of light of course will be diffused and of sot-such mellow kind of lighting helps make even the dullest of spots in your interiors light up with a beauty its own. Has a soft curving base and a top that is rimed with a metal ring adding to its charming looks. You could place it in singles or use them in pairs with votives hanging above or more such table tops ones to give your interiors or exterior lighting whole new flavour.