Vintage Hanging Light 'Boston'

The Boston Hanging Light is frosty white and very distressed as if having seen many a year out there on the patio swaying in the wind, bearing the frost or the hot winds – and above all making itself relevant despite the passage of time. The beauty of things antique can well be understood from the number of post industrial feel distressed finish lampshades.

Measures 40 x 40 x 30cm


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Going by the latest trend in home decor that verges on minimalism, this is a fabulous option.

Create the right kind of impression in your decor with the Boston rustic look lampshade that defines an industrial look. Rugged, rusty and so appealing because of its complete lack of detailing – the very look of simple ribbed lines gracing its outer surface, light rusting along the edges, adding more appeal. A choice you could make when it is the entryway, the gallery or the bar and such spaces that need an accented look. After all, when you have lampshades this radical in look, you are bound to feel the infusion of a certain vintage kind of look, suiting as much the modern feel home as a more conservative tradition bound look. The metal used has the look of repurposed metal and that is what helps build in this look. A wonderful choice for building focus in small spaces as hangable lamps do help in that manner.