Glass Trinket 'Teal Lagoon' - Small

Make a huge difference to the way you keep your trinkets organized, but also in the way that you make your dresser look after all with this Teal Lagoon trinket case a stylish and as pretty as this, you would be achieving two goals. Made from solid glass that has been tinted in blue-made opaque so as to give it a shimmery and dense powdery blue colour-its faceted design looking positively beautiful.

Measures: 7.5 x 7.5 x 9cm


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Add a touch of beautiful glamour to your dresser with this terrific looking trinket case that in its blue avatar looks so pretty, it’s faceted and chiselled design looking all the more well defined. It has pointy looking top that allows you a firm grip when you wish to unravel the tiny treasures kept inside its little compartment. Made from glass, it does have a sturdy solid body with a base that is round and over which the same pattern as on the top, can be seen. Is about 9 cm in height and 7.5 cm in dimeter-which makes it quite a tiny little treasure trove for your most favourite accessories that will feel safe and well sorted inside it-in fact keeping your trinkets in such a manner ensures that you waste less time in searching for them. Adds a touch of glass glamour to your dresser as well.