Glass Trinket 'Ebony' - Large

Its demure yet dramatic in its design – the matt black Ebony look of the exterior and its gorgeous cut glass pattern adding to its superb stylish looks. Give your dresser space this addition and find a refuge for all those trinkets you would usually like to find even when in a hurry. A perfect means to ensure that those hard to find pair of earring or tiny pins and such accessories not just stay safe but also find a safe haven when not in use.

Measures approximately: 12 x 12 x 14cm


In stock

Made from glass, this gorgeous piece comes fitted with a top that is easy to lift being pointy at the top giving you that perfect grip on the glass made body. The trinket case itself is 14 cm in height while its lower base is the receptacle for all your precious little possessions, made from glass it has been given this gorgeous charming finish in colour and cut that makes it as much a decor accessory as it is an organizer. Flaunt it on your diner table if you please – keeping some special sprinkles in it or on the kitchen counter with some spices stored in them – of course its versatility comes as much from its great looks as it does from its large and spacious interiors. The diameter of this case makes it spacious option for many of your little treasures.