Trinket 'Clear' - Small

The glittering look of clear glass is being put to best use in the solidly designed round shaped trinket jar with a lid. The cut glass effect makes it look like an artisanal piece. Use it for a number of things like trinkets, dried scented petals, your favourite spices, or the likes. They could be so many reasons for you wanting this pretty little piece in your home. After all, when you decorate your spaces you need the best.

Measures approximately: 8.5 x 9 x 9cm


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The chiselled glass effect always looks fascinating. With a single ray of light, the entire shape gets a whole new look. This jar has been designed with the same kind of effect. It comes with a neat lid on top, a circular body and an ample spacious compartment that can hold several things. Use it on your dresser and save up all your trinkets in it or keep it on the coffee table to accent the space and better still, place it under a lamp where it can catch the light and glitter with a new kind of life. You can make a set and the impact be quite different. Made by expert hands that know what beauty could be created from playing glass. The height of the of case is a mere 8.5 cm while its diameter is all of 9 cm. Well proportioned, as good to look at as it is functional, truly making new inroads into home decor and utility items this season.