Teapot 'Floral Blue'

The smooth white ceramic backdrop has a perfect sheen-off setting the floral beauty of the blue patterned teapot. This is decidedly the best accessory you could bring to your tea table – that gorgeous little serving teapot that will hold herb infusions or black tea with equal style. Made from very fine quality ceramic, this delightful looking tea pot is a great means to make your tea drinking one of the best times of the day.


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The perfect pouring action-the charm of holding a fine quality ceramic pot from which you pour that fragrant aromatic tea-does help give your day that much needed silver lining. After all, any tea enthusiast would know that drinking tea is as much about the aroma and the flavour as it is about the optics. The fine quality teapot graceful and charming in its design will truly add value to this relaxing moment of your day. The height of the teapot is all of 17 cm and its diameter at 14 cm give sit a solid presence on the tea table-the capacity enough for two to three people. The snout has been designed to give a spill free poring action, while not being in use to make tea-it makes for a splendid display up on the mantle or on the sideboard. The handle is crafted from natural cane and wrapped in the same material helping give it very fine grip. The edging in rust colour defines the pattern and the shape well. The sheen on the outer surface speaks of the fine quality of crafting that has gone into its production.