Teapot ' Dark Pink Flowers'

Tea time could be one of the most relaxing and grade fully elegant times of the day-the tea leave seeping in and the delicate aroma of the tea brew wafting round, invigorates and calms the mind. Give this time of the day that extra dose of elegance with the help of this ceramic teapot created by experts who have not just given it a lovely glaze but have adorned it with the most beautiful blossom pattern.


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Add a touch of old-world elegance and grace to the manner in which you serve tea. Take it slow and easy by adding hot water to the leaves placed in it and let the wonderful brew get ready, taking its own time. After all good things need a touch of patience and helping you get the act right is this handcrafted teapot that puts the old-world charm of tea brewing back in its rightful place. The teapot handle is wrapped in bamboo strip which helps gives fine grip and keeps the handle insulated. While holding, there is a sturdy grip and the pouring action is smooth and effortless. The snout being angled the right way allows the tea to be served without any spillage. The tiny little lid sits well in its groove and the very size of this teapot makes it convenient to handle its height is all of 18 cm and its dimeter at 14 cm, makes it sufficient large the pink blossoms on its body on fresh white backdrop gives it a beautiful and refined look.