Scarf 'Paisley Mix'

Everyone needs a versatile and multifunctional item in their closet. Nothing fits the bill better than the Scarf/ Sarong ‘Paisley Mix.’ You can use the scarf as a casual summer accessory, as a sexy swimsuit cover, or as a picnic blanket; your options are limitless.

Material: Polyester, Acrylic


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The scarf is tailored from high-quality polyester and acrylic material, which gives it a classy appearance and smooth feel. The woven patterns give this scarf an enchanting look that will turn heads when used as a scarf, beach towel, or wrap-around. Pair it with any outfit, and sure enough, you’ll stand out from the crowd. Thanks to its fur-like texture, the scarf feels comfortable when wrapped around the neck. The material is hydrophobic, and therefore, you won’t have to worry about drying the scarf out in the sun after using it on the beach. Moreover, the scarf is tailored from lightweight material, thus making it possible to tuck it into small spaces while you’re on the go.