Pot 'Leaf Wrap'

Have you ever imagined a planter that is made from the folding and coming together of several leaves? You certainly haven’t and there’s probably none in existence. But, we’ve got a planter that aims at the same goal through its artful glazing of leaves wrapped around the pot. The Pot ‘Leaf Wrap’ is moulded from terracotta in such tranquil palette perfect for bright décor ambiance.

Measures approximately: 14 x 15 x 19cm


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The Pot ‘Leaf Wrap’ is a planting pot loaded with loads of functionality. It is functional as a pot suitable for growing ornamental plants, spices, herbs, and whatever other gardening activity your customers intend to engage in. Apart from its planter functionality, it is also a good choice for ornamenting the decorative ambiances of the interior and exterior of homes, offices, shops, parks, and other public spaces. The tranquil palette would particularly blend in and produce optimum charm when used in places with bright or vivid décor atmosphere.