Porcelain Plate 'Banana Leaf'

Tropical themes are a popular choice for interiors due to its scenic design and innovative use of colours. Plate ‘Banana Leaf’ is no exception as its tropical aura takes centre stage. This porcelain platter has a shallow depth because it is slightly raised on the edges. It is portable, versatile porcelain for serving desserts.

Measures  20.5 x 12 x 2cm


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Layered leaves and sticking details characterize this design. It additionally adds impressive depth to this breakfast ware. Homeowners who adore luxurious items can opt for this serving tray. Plate Rect Banana Leaf has a high-end feel, a gold rim that accentuates its deluxe vibe. This porcelain piece is cosy. It affords for romantic gestures like breakfast in bed or only for late-night snacking. Use this rectangular flat surface to serve snacks and a glass of freshly squeezed juice to the guest. This classic essence even looks more beautiful on an ottoman. Chocolates can be served in this flat plate either for one’s consumption or to enthral guests.