Planter 'Moby Fish'

Planter ‘Moby Fish’ is deliberately enigmatic. This nautical design inspired by the coastal and sea environment. Planter Moby Fish is an artful design that transports one to the seashores. This planter has a distinct colour that has been asserted through the years to provide a healing touch. Emphasis is placed on the lustrous blue hue to catch one’s eyes wherever it is placed.

Measures approximately: 21 x 13.5 x 13cm


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Planter ‘Moby Fish’ is moderately sized and proportion for house plants, herbs and spices. A perfect show-off for flowers. Flowers are worthwhile for ceremonial and decorative purpose. Flowers are glamorous and handy for a colourful ambience. Also, do they give fragrant air, cleaning the air of offensive odour? This clever piece can be used as the centre of attraction in the living room, kitchen or entryway. This planter is versatile. Clients can keep the creative juice flowing to repurpose it for different occasions.

Please Note: This item is handmade so there will be irregularites in the pattern and imperfections in the glazing.