Planter 'Circles Black' - Small

Featuring a distinguished design that is an aesthetic monument this planter ‘Circles Black’ simply irresistible! The irresistible visual allure which this unique planter possesses is due to the combination of several features. These features include its beautiful choice of palette, the lovely decorative circles, and the natural earthen colour of its interior and perfectly round shapeliness.



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The planter ‘Circles Black’ is a planter that has an enduring aesthetic appeal without actually sacrificing practical functionality for aesthetic appearance. It is made of terracotta material which is why its smooth interior showcases a complementary natural earthen colour. Contrasting with the interior is an exterior with beautiful patterns of circles using the colours black and white. It is first cleverly painted in immaculate white hue before the intermittent circular patterns are drawn using the colour black.

Measures approximately: 12 x 12 x 7.5cm

Please note: Each pots finish will differ. This is not considered an imperfection, rather adds to the character of the item.