Mortar and Pestle Round 'Grey Marble'

For medicines that need that gentle little grind to herbs that need to be given that energetic bit of pounding before infusing it into the food, there are so many ways in which a mortar and pestle comes in handy, here is one that is beautifully handcrafted from grey and white marble, speckled in black and just the right size to make itself handy.


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Every kitchen and home needs that little mortar and pestle for tiny little grinding and small bits of mixing that are electric mixers seldom can manage-after all, that little tablet that your child refuses to swallow would need to be powdered or the spice you got from the east , needs that crushing pressure to bring out its aromas- and so many different ways in which that little grinding stone can be put to use. Here is one such compact mortar and pestle that makes that possible in a jiffy, made from marble, the two-piece accessory comes with the tiny tub like little bowl and the stone fashioned completely from marble. The shape of the grinding stone is perfect for getting the smallest of grains under it and thus making easy the grinding process. For the cinnamon that needs to be ground fresh to the ginger that goes into your tea-all of that could be well handles by this superb accessory for your home.