Lantern LED 'Pink'

The inherent beauty of intricate patterns on glass and metal fixtures, as well as the love for colours bright and gloriously unabashed love for detailing makes Moroccan lamps such a delightful way to lend your love for mid-eastern decor, a whole new life. This pendant lamp is a small little inclusion bound to have a massive impact in your interiors.

Measures 13 x 13 x 15cm


In stock

The beauty of the Marrakesh made Moroccan lamps comes from the intricate details on metal shaded, and here we have a combination of metal and glass that makes the effect all the more dramatic. This wonderful piece can be placed at the entryway of your home, or some such place where the decor needs a touch of colour or a spot needs more attention and focal point, and by adding a lamp such as this we can add depth to the decor and layer the lighting at different levels. The height of the lamp is all of 15 cm and the textured outer body and bright coloured exterior even when not lit will exude its beauty. The textured pattern comes alive and throws shards of patterned lighting all around. In fact by adjusting the potency of the bulb you could decide on making it a muted light or the only source of light if you desire. The flexibility of usage in several places makes one of the best finds in mid-eastern lighting options. The touch of copper at the bottom and the top is the other detail that renders is more lovable and covetable for your home.