Hanging Votive Pink

Bring in the glamour of this Votive Pink hanging illumination into your spaces be it outdoors or indoors with this gorgeous coloured glass lamp. They are sure-fire means to lend your evenings that touch of romance and subtle beauty that few things in the decor could match up to. Easy to hang and use in any outdoor space or any room, alike.

Measures approximately: 16.5 x 11cm


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The tulip shaped little pod will hold the source if illumination-made from glass, the dual coloured thickness of the shell is tough enough to withstand the heat of a flame. The hanging votive suspends from the metal made chains that give it the exact kind of balance it needs to keep its steady glow of candlelight illuminating the space. It could be used in the outdoor spaces as well, where the glass pod will keep the candle flame safe. The metal made frame holds the glass body in a perfect manner allowing the combination of glass and metal to look as Moroccan and mid-eastern in its beauty as is possible. The touch of colour-turquoise glass with deep sultry pink streaking down the patterned outer body adds to its beauty. The votive could be used in pairs or on its own, helping you add light in specific smaller areas where the larger light source does not reach. Add a touch of Bohemian and mid-eastern magic with an illumination option as simple as this hanging votive that is all of 16.5 cm in height and 11 cm in diameter.