Glass Trinket 'Ebony' - Small

The ebony is a deep robust plaque glass made trinket box that shall ensure that when you get ready next your favourite trinkets are within reach and you save on not just a great deal of time as you will not have to go looking for them, but you will also be glad because this trinket case makes your dresser area look ultra-chic and rather attractive.

Measures approximately: 7.5 x 7.5 x 9cm


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The deep black coloured opaque glass trinket case is rather sturdy and rather attractive in its chiselled design. Pointed on the top which makes it rather easy to hold and open, the case has a lower body that has a large enough compartment where you can keep several of your trinkets. The round base has a well-balanced round surface that sits flat and well balanced on table tope despite the upper portion being rather tall and pointy. Altogether about 7.5 cm in dimeter, the height of the entire piece is 9 cm making it a tiny little accessory for your dresser where you could safekeep your precious little rings and earrings and any such tiny accessory that you need to reach out for in hurry and would hate to lose out on time, if you had to go searching for it. A perfect organizational boost for your beautiful trinket collection could begin right away with this addition. Made of sturdy glass, it’s quite solid and easy to grip from the pointy top to make it easy to access.