Porcelain Cup 'Banana Leaf'

This breakfast ware collection features a statement leaf pattern that adds depth and drama to a dining setting. With subtle patterns and neutral tones, Cup Banana Leaf creates a tropical haven.

Measures: 13.5 x 10.5 x 7.5cm


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The design lionizes the softness of pale shades, adding a tropical touch to one’s interior with little complexity and minimal effort. The tropical ambience is a feel-good vibe, complement your dining wares with this fun design. Cup Banana Leaf is visually appealing on the outside and a tactile texture that can be felt with one’s hands. For clients who favours sophisticated ambience at breakfast time, this porcelain cup is one of the choicest alternatives. This cup is handy to brew tea. It is neutral as the flavour of one’s beverage can be impacted. Its porcelain material also provides an upgrade either for hot or cold tea, coffee, or cocoa. Plus, the cup features insulator-like walls to prevent hot liquid from getting cold. This is an oriental piece, a blend of antique glamour and effectiveness.

Please note: Due to the different printing techniques required for different items (e.g. teapots or plates), design may have slight variations in colour or vibrancy across product range.