Coco Bowls 'Emerald' Set of 4

Give your marine celebrated home the touch of organic coastal feel with little handcrafted artefacts that bring the gorgeousness of a coconut shell cured, smoothened and forming the outer surface and an inner layer of capiz that adorn its with its shining translucence. A mix of rough and smooth, colours that are deep and light – and thus the very dramatic kind of look that is created. A multipurpose kind of bowl that will adorn your table tops and counters with such beauty.


Measures approximately: 13 x 13 x 6cm


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Give your coastal feel home the touch of a bowl that will help create a spot of interest either while you are serving in it or when you simply make it a part of your display. The outer layer of this 13 cm diameter bowl is created from coconut shell and the inner with a lining of capiz that glitters and glows even in the dim light. Created from completely organic material, this is the kind of bowl that will set the space apart with its artisanal quality. The bowl is all of 13 cm in width and 6 cm in depth making it large enough for serving purpose as well. The moisture resistant nature of the outer shell and the treated inner lining will help it retain its original colour and glaze. Will sit well on flat surfaces as well.

Please note: This product is handmade. There may be variance in the colour, finish and size.