Coasters 'Cheeky Cats'

Set of 4

Perfect for use in dining rooms, offices, and wherever else hot cups of coffee or tea is being served, the Coasters ‘Cheeky Cats’ is the perfect dual functioning coaster for the job. It would be practically useful in helping prevent the tops of wooden tables from being damaged by heat while at the same time; it would offer the users the pleasant visual delight of seeing a dressed cheeky cat.


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The Coasters ‘Cheeky Cats’ Set of 4 depicts the image of an adorable cheeky cat wearing a singlet and holding two fishes with one on each hand covering its eyes. Given the background which is a sea blue colour and with images of boats, fish and sea waves, our cheeky cat seems to have gone fishing at the beach. It isn’t just the background that gives it a beach themed design, but also the colour of the cat’s singlet which is a white and blue stripe and a necklace which has a miniature anchor as a pendant dangles around the cats neck.