Clock 'Shack' - 58cm

Give the coolest ever definition to a large wall spaces and keep ahead of your schedules with this basic clock for your room. The MDF made face is rimless and thus gives an uber chic feel – owing much to its stark design and natural colour. Will look as great in the study as it will on that large wall you wish to give some kind of centring to. Keeping ahead of your everyday timely needs just got a lot easier.

Measures approximately: 58 x 4 x 58cm


In stock

While the world may have moved on to things digital-the wall however seem to crave for the partnership it always has had with clocks-after all it is just one glance and we know the time. Here is one of this clocks whose large 58 cm diameter is sure to make looking at the time more visible. Comes with working parts that have been technically updated to be the best and most advanced – it is bound to give you accurate time, day after day helping you stay ahead of your deadlines and daily routine. The wood look backdrop plays the perfect host to the white digits that come in an irregular sized style. The hands are in black which forms a lovely contrast to the backdrop. Will look well blended in with all kinds of décor owing to its modern and chic simplicity that helps it fit in.