Ceramic Leaf Plate 'Birds'

Meet the unusual serving plate in form of a leaf. The Leaf Plate has such an unusual nature themed design such that it is crafted in the form and shape of a big leaf. Plus, it even comes with two cute looking birds both of which appear to drinking water from the curvature of the leaf.

Measures approximately: 17 x 10 x 6cm


In stock

The Leaf Plate w/Birds is made wholly from ceramics which has been fired in the kiln at such high temperature and gone through rigorous processes of moulding. With its stunning, unusual motif and design, it is certain to be a conversation starter when displayed in your store and when displayed in customers’ kitchens, cabinets, display shelves, dining tables, end tables and even side tables. It would bring in a feel of nature’s beauty into the interior. Apart from its decorative uses, it can also be used in serving edible such as nuts (walnuts, ground nuts, cashew nuts, etc.), snacks (such as cookies, biscuits, chocolates, candy bars, etc.), actual soups and sauce, salads and green veggies, and even cereals and whole grains. If used to serve kids, it would become their favourite bowl and would motivate them to eat those nutritious green veggies they otherwise would not take. Place your order now while stock lasts!