Ceramic Chickens (Set of 2)

They look so adorable and lifelike that you could actually go looking for the coop from where they might have emerged. A wonderful means to bring in the farm and country feel into your home, This gorgeous set of two chickens has been created with the combination of metal and ceramic for a wonderfully impactful and adorable lovable set of chickens that can grace your table tops and mantles.

Large measures approximately: 13 x 5.5 x 14.5cm

Small measures approximately: 12 x 5 x 12.5cm


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Make a little inclusion in your decor and sere the manner in which it can boost the look of your space. When you wish to make a refreshing new start for a country and farm feel look or wish to devote a corner to creatures little and large – here is a perfect means to begin the whole new look. Add this set of curly metal tailed roosters and see the fun and cheer they will bring. While the main torso has been created from ceramic, it has been brilliantly fused with metal legs and of course the flourish of its tail that has been so wonderfully created from metal. Could be added to console, study tables or any space where you feel you need to create a spot of interest. Place it under a lamp or let it sit on the mantle drawing attention to its tiny rustically designed structure. A modern and chic means to make your home seem more retro chic.