Candle Holder 'Kibris' - Tall

The Candle Holder ‘Kibris’ Tall is a distinguished candle holder that showcases exceptional antique craftsmanship due to the artfully wrought designs on its metallic frame. It is made in a shapely cylindrical form and stands at an impressive height of 16.5 centimetres which means more room to accommodate your customers’ candles.


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Candles are often used for a variety of purposes. These purposes include using candles as a source of illumination, as a decorative accent, to soothe the senses, create a romantic atmosphere, prayer and meditation. Whatever the intention and purpose, this Candle Holder ‘Kibris’ Tall would be more than functional in serving your needs. It is made in a tall cylindrical size measuring 16.5 centimetres in height while the crafted metallic artwork is rendered in antique bronze and light coating of jade colouration.