Candle Holder 'Kibris Silver' - Medium

The Candle Holder ‘Kibris Silver’ Medium is an averagely proportioned cylindrical candle holder that is perfect as a decoration and gift item for weddings, Christmas decorations and celebrations, birthday parties and celebration, and a host of other festive occasion. It is certain to brighten the decorative ambiance of the décor and the face of the gift recipient with its attractive silver palette.

Measures approximately: 13.5cm 11.5cm x 11.5cm


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Weddings are often glamorous and beautiful with their elaborate decorations which are often in a white motif. Now imagine the husband and wife to be walking down the aisle while on both sides of their path are these spectacular Silver Coloured Kibris Candle Holder containing several soft glowing candles which adds a romantic touch to the celebration. That is just a piece of how beautiful these silver coloured metallic candle holders can be. They are also functional in decorating other festive occasions like birthdays, Christmases, New Year celebrations, anniversaries, house warming, Valentine’s day, and so on. It is also a perfect gift item for weddings and other occasions.