Candle 'Drift Sand'

The glistening drift sand coloured glass is just the right medium to filter out the softest most muted and yet warm illumination bound to soften the mood and the harshest of lines in the décor. Build that beautiful relaxing air around your seating spaces with this delightful little accent that can be moved around and kept in the place of your choice to bring more focus and a bit of light that will dapple everything in its warm glow.


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Adding votives do the trick-every time the need arises to make your spaces wear that special ready- to- relax and entertain look. Bring out these little wonders that are mere holders for candles and tealights and see the magical effect they have and this one made from super sturdy glass will be able to resist the heat of the candle. The grey colour will shimmer as the candle will be lit and the wavy pattern gets highlighted with the grey of the glass. Will look especially more dramatic when you place them in larger numbers-perhaps in clusters in singles spread out in a larger space. Bring a spot of light where needed-on tables and corners, near flowers and arrangement you wish to bring focus to or to your dining table that could do with something special. The metal ring on the top adds more glitz to its stylishly simple looks.