Candle 'Diamond Pink'

This gorgeous diamond pink candle features a heat resistant subtle blue-stained glass coated with pink diamonds creating a warm and soothing atmosphere when lit. It will add glow and elegance to it’s surroundings and is perfect for bathroom and bedroom ambience.

Measures approximately: 9 x 8cm


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Candles bring with them a certain resplendence – after all lighting is all about spreading a touch of warmth and they help bring the decor to a certain level of comfort and relaxation. When placed in certain spots in your room, they will help highlight that spot rather well. And when in cluster, as could be done with such votives you could make the effect of their presence more dramatic. Here is a votive made with heat resistant glass, which is made beautiful manifolds due to the presence of colours and hues that helps illuminate with it more effectively. The hand poured wax candle will have a slow burn time and its wick shall also last through hours of lighting. A wonderful means to make special occasion lighting feel even better. The cylindrical votive is 9 cm in height and 8 cm in diameter and even when the wax does get over, you could use it for tealights and continue using it as a regular votive.