Candle 'Croix Yellow'

The croix yellow green exterior shows off the pattern cut into the glass body, while the mercury glass effect on the inside makes a contrast with it. This votive houses a wax candle that has been hand poured to take the shape of the votive. A wonderful lighting option if illuminating with mellow lights is how you wish to create a difference in your decor. The blue and green coloured votive is close to the Moroccan and mid-eastern theme, and will lend a feeling of indulgent luxury to your spaces.

Measures apporximately:  7.5cm x 9cm


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This candle is cup shaped, the wax having been hand poured to take the shape of the container, filled to a level that will allow it to give you many hours of mellow light. A wonderful lighting option if you wish to see your interiors bathed in a relaxing feel of candle glow. The Moroccan style glass votive can be reused to hold a tealight once the wax has been used up.

The textured outer reflects a design when the votive is aglow and when not, the brilliant colour of the surface makes a colour impact in the space that surrounds it. Add more such votive sot bring in the mid-eastern theme to its full gory. Add them in large numbers, perhaps in clusters or place them in vantage locations to set the space alight in a delightfully subdued yet welcoming way. The votive is 7.5 cm in height and 9 cm in diameter