Porcelain Bowl 'Banana Leaf'

Intriguing patterns enhances the allure of a room. The exquisitely layered banana leaf creates a relaxing atmosphere. Did I mention it is charming and draws eyes anywhere it is placed? Homeowners can take up this subtle approach to accentuate the typical into the exotic.

Measures 16.5 x 16.5 x 7.5cm (approx)


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Adding an exciting depth to one’s dinnerware comes easy with Bowl Banana Leaf. This bowl has a summer vibe that transports one’s interior to a tropical paradise. This gorgeous porcelain bowl is handy if one wishes to enthral guests by making one’s dining setting impressive and inviting. Serving food in attractive dishes have an impression on how appealing it comes out. This is also a premium quality dish, distinguished from other earthenware because Porcelain has refined grains. Due to the increased toxicity of plastic, Porcelain offers a palatable alternative that does not emit chemicals into one’s food. This high-quality piece asides from its conventional functionality to serve it can be used for nuts, fruits, and sweets.

Please note: Due to the different printing techniques required for different items (e.g. teapots or plates), design may have slight variations in colour or vibrancy across product range.
Please note: this item is not dishwasher or microwave safe.