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INCREDIBLE Outdoor 3D Steel Metal Wall Art Alfresco Painted 100 x 100 Large WHITE LILIES Art



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INCREDIBLE Outdoor Metal Wall Art!This 3D Steel Wall Art - Painting on Metal "Lilies" is a stunning & totally unique feature to add to your Indoor or Outdoor room. Stunning metal wall art, designed for alfresco areas. For art lovers, this stunning depiction of 'Lilies' is 3 dimensional in effect and really stands out in your outdoor setting. This wall art has been hand crafted with a metal frame and handpainted on metal to create a 3D piece. Wonderfully unique, if you are looking for that WOW factor, these are stunning!

Dimensions: 1000MM X 1000MM Colour: Natural Rusted & Colourful paint This is perfect for Alfresco patio areas, interior walls, you can place outside exposed to the outdoor elements but protection will be required to prolong your wall art. Long term exposure to the elements and environment will cause changes and a continuation of the rusting process. If this is not desired, we recommend a small degree of maintenance. This involves a 6 monthly spray of Penetrol which can be purchased from any hardware store. Please note that harsh weather conditions may cause running.

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